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Allen R. Gale

Short Story: Searchers (Sci-Fi)

Andrea Gaudet

Short Story: Lilacs (Growing Up)

Angela Walker

Poetry: Morning Run With Dogs

Non-Fiction: Looking Out The Kitchen Window (Slice of Life)  

Non-Fiction: More Than Halfway (Memoir)
Poetry: Green Pea Soup
Poetry: Momma and Me
Poetry: Stand Still
Poetry: My Favorite Character


Alex Mutua

Short Story: The Woman In Gabriella (Fantasy) 

Arena Autry

Short Story: My Eyes (Romance/Love)

Ben Cherot

Novel: NAW'LINS (Mystery) 

Ben Merentys

Short Story:Lost in Your Mind (Thriller/Suspense)

Non-fiction:The Room Next Door (Self-Help/Guidance/Advice)

Bob Stockton

OMR: Devil's Bend (Description) 

Short Story: Cora (Memoir)


Bruce Dodson

Non-fiction: Blind Howard & The Drunk (Creative Non-fiction) 

Poetry: Yemanja


C. Sean McGee 

Novel: The Terror{blist} (Fiction) 

Craig Pugh

Novellette: Ribs (Psychological Fiction)

Novellette: Castrating Infidels for Allah (Adult Fiction)

Cynthia Eddy

Poetry: Communion
Poetry: Iron in Her Bones
Poetry: Mad Day
Poetry: The Return

D Rotterman

Novel: Snakebitten (Action Adventure)

Danlen James

OMR: Kilroy (Sci-Fi)


Daisy Griffiths 

Short Story: Morning Coffee (Young adult/alternative)


Novellette: Life Line (Romance/Love Story)

Delin Colón

Non-Fiction: Vindicating Rasputin (History)

Dennis De Rose

Poetry:That's Chuck, he's my Friend

Poetry:How Hard Could It Be?

Dennis Hodgson

Non-Fiction: Chaos Theory (Humor)   

Dev Ghosal

OMR: Humans Are Gifted With Mortality… (Non-Fiction: Mythology)

Diana Hockley

Short Story: The Cloud (Fantasy)

Diane P. McCloskey

Poetry: Overcoming Obstacles

Doug Simpson

Non-Fiction: Who Were You In Your Past Lifetimes? (Spirituality/Inspirational)

Non-Fiction: Edgar Cayce's Earliest Psychic Readings (Sprituality/Inspirational)

Non-Fiction: Edgar Cayce's First Miracle Reading (Sprituality/Inspirational)

Non-Fiction: Edgar Cayce Becomes A National Celebrity (Sprituality/Inspirational) 

Dr Annabelle RC

Poetry: A Strange Feeling

Poetry: Life Is A Game

Poetry: He Is Lost

Poetry: No Other Alternative

Poetry: Teenagers In Suits Of Armour

Poetry: OCD

Eftichia Kapardeli

Poetry: Bridge

Poetry: Dreamings

Poetry: Lives in Love

Poetry: Desires Distant Constellations

Poetry: A Commendation

Poetry: Dawned Again

Poetry: Simple Heart

Non-Fiction: What are the essential characteristics of an effective leader?

Poetry: Ruling Day

Esther Goodman

Non-Fiction: Holocaust Revelations (Memoir)

Frances Ayers

Poetry: Grief Has No Hold

Poetry: The Eternal Artist (For My Brother Patrick)

Ganesh Shan kiminesh

Poetry: Take Me Hostage

Gary Towner

Novella: White Knuckles (Humor)

Short Story: The Door (Horror)
Short Story: You Can't Kill It (Satire)

Haz Fairweather

Non-Fiction: The Pool (Spiritual/Inspirational)

Himanshu Vadhvani

Non-Fiction: Chaos (Musing)  

J. Allen Whitt

Novellette: Mama's Lost Babies (Non-Fiction)

Poetry: A Special Christmas Wish

Poetry:  Journals of Delight

Short Story: The Corker at Yankee Station (War Fiction)  

Non-Fiction: Chaco: Notes On Light And Darkness (Descriptive Essay)  

Non-Fiction: Absent Moon (Travelogue)

Non-Fiction: Ice Cream, Remembered (Memoir)

Non-Fiction: Beasts Outside My Window (Memoir)

Non-Fiction: The Secret Desert (Memoir)

J Brownell

Novel: Charade (Alternative Romance)

Jake Sampson

Novella: A Bright Future For the 22nd State (Sci-Fi)    

 Dr. James E. Martin 

Poetry: Seal Team Six

Poetry: Quietly Stay Put!

Poetry: Poet’s Lament

Poetry: Tribute To A Fallen Soldier

Jason Stewart

Novellete: Beyond The Realms of Death (Dark Fiction)

Karen Schwind 

Short Story: Vermilion Wanted to Go to the Movies  (Historical Fiction)

 Kartik Chaturvedi

Poetry: Fatal Bet

Poetry: Faithless Revolutions
Poetry: Extracts From The Abstract

Lance Manion

Novel: Merciful Flush (Comedy/Humor)

Larry Purcell

Poetry: She Waits

OMR: Cheerios, The Real Bowl Game (Whimsy)  

OMR: Solitaire (Sci-Fi/Horror)
Poetry: Fly With Me
Short Story: Evil Is As Evil Does (Sci-Fi)
Short Stories: The Old Galaxy Drive-In  (Sci-Fi)
Short Story: A String Of Miracles (Slice Of Life)


Lewis Kirts

OMR: Dirt (Romance/Love)  

Matthew Abuelo

Poetry: Your fingers are like pills (Free Verse)

Poetry: Untitled

Morgan McFinn

Non-Fiction: Fame (Humour)

Non-Fiction: A Tough Act to Follow (Satire)

Murali S

Non-Fiction: Nudity, Nakedness, and an Effete Morality (Travel Tales)

Non-fiction: Tales from Kerala (Travel Tales)
Non-Fiction: The Passing Show: Of Umbrellas and Rainbows (Memoir)

O. Warfield

Poetry: K-9 Town, USA’s Christmas

Poetry: A K-9 Town, USA Thanksgiving

Poetry: K-9 Town Puppies First Battle

Poetry: A K-9 Town Halloween

Poetry: A Thoughtful Stroll

Pat Ritter

Non-Fiction: Chameleon (Life Experience) 

Non-Fiction: Between a rock and a hard place (Memoir) 
Non-Fiction: A Story Centred On A Key (Inspirational)

OMR: A Brush With Fame 
OMR: A Bush Burial  (Western)
OMR: A Long Long Time Ago  (Narrative)
OMR: Bright Star (Mystery) 

OMR: Chasing The Sun 

OMR: How To Mend A Broken Heart (Romance) 

Philip Bradbury

Short Story: Miss Conception (Satire)

Short Story: Asharif (Tragedy)

Rajesh Rao

Novel: Champ_The Novel (Fiction)

Robert Pepe

Poetry: Buried Warfare

Sarah H

Short Story: Expectations (Adult Fiction)

Short Story: Comeuppance (Humor)

Short Story: Sins (Adult Fiction)

OMR: Winter Kisses (Romance)

OMR: In Her Arms (Romance)

Simon Banks 

Poetry: Harvest

Poetry: Flight Side

Poetry: Sea Mist With Rain

Stephen Woodfin

Short Story: He Ain't Leaving; He's Gone  

Steve Blue

Short Story: Our Children (Comedy)

Non-Fiction: Determined Not To Stutter (Self-Help)

Suchita Trivedi

Poetry: Take Me To The Air

Poetry: Feel

Susan Cogan

Short Story: Three Rich Men (Horror)

Tom Ault

Poetry: The Most Wonderful Place in the World

Short Story: Henry Murdock, Author (Young Adult)

Uma Bhurtah

Non-Fiction: The Rainbow Day of My Life (Essay) 

Viraja Maganti

Poetry: Thinking Of You 
Non-Fiction: The Girl At The Garbage Bin (Memoir)

Vivian Rinaldo

Short Story: Nannie's Cat (Memoir)

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